Newsroom cuts mean fewer legal battles

As media outlets scale down,
freedom of information is under attack

By Emma Romano

Untreated: journalists coping with trauma

Asking for help can be hard.

By Emma Drudge

Story poaching: journalists want attribution

When is “matching” a story stealing?

By Violet MacLeod

Scientists and journalists: why can’t they just get along?

Everyone benefits when scientist-journalist understanding improves.

By: Lillianne Cadieux-Shaw

Journalists with disabilities: aiming for inclusion

The journalism job hunt can be tough for people with disabilities.

By Emily Kitagawa

Podcasting pulls radio into the digital age

In a world full of screens, podcasts
channel the power of the human voice

By Ken Wallingford

Beyond bikinis: how the media covers female athletes

Why does 51 per cent of the population receive only five per cent of sports coverage?

By: Paula Sanderson

The trials of travel writing

Think it’s all free flights and goodies? Think again. Travel writing is difficult and competitive.

By Megan Rudson

Copy editors laid off more than other newsroom staffers

Can newspapers’ credibility afford the cut?

By Natascia Lypny

Journalism’s struggle with infographics

The facts and figures behind omnipresent images

Katrina Pyne