Newsroom cuts mean fewer legal battles

As media outlets scale down,
freedom of information is under attack

By Emma Romano

Untreated: journalists coping with trauma

Asking for help can be hard.

By Emma Drudge

Story poaching: journalists want attribution

When is “matching” a story stealing?

By Violet MacLeod

Scientists and journalists: why can’t they just get along?

Everyone benefits when scientist-journalist understanding improves.

By: Lillianne Cadieux-Shaw

Journalists with disabilities: aiming for inclusion

The journalism job hunt can be tough for people with disabilities.

By Emily Kitagawa

Podcasting pulls radio into the digital age

In a world full of screens, podcasts
channel the power of the human voice

By Ken Wallingford

Beyond bikinis: how the media covers female athletes

Why does 51 per cent of the population receive only five per cent of sports coverage?

By: Paula Sanderson

The trials of travel writing

Think it’s all free flights and goodies? Think again. Travel writing is difficult and competitive.

By Megan Rudson