Radio Waves Break Down Prison Walls

The Calls From Home radio program connects inmates to life outside bars.

By Laurel Walsh

Tim Bousquet: Controversial from California to the Coast

How an American muckraker became
one of the most powerful journalists in Halifax.

By Zane Woodford

Why do students go to journalism school?

Traditional media outlets suffer,
yet J-school enrolment holds steady.

By Clark Jang

Don’t blame the messenger: Illuminating the Death Knock

The debate about one of journalism’s most controversial practices — the death knock — is moving from the newsroom to the public.

By Barrett Limoges

Small magazines feeling big pain

Changes to government funding are hurting some small magazines.

By Charlotte Harrison

Missing: online correction policies

Print news admits its mistakes.
Should online news?

By Katelynn Gough

Coverage of mental illness is often inaccurate and unfair

Education, understanding helping some reporters do better work.

By Olivia Schneider

The Great Wall: Paywalls Going Up at Canada’s Major Dailies

Are paywalls the way to make online news profitable?

By Joy Blenman

Halifax diversity growing, but not on municipal council

Halifax has elected another all white council.

By Leena Ali