Copy editors laid off more than other newsroom staffers

Can newspapers’ credibility afford the cut?

By Natascia Lypny

Journalism’s struggle with infographics

The facts and figures behind omnipresent images

Katrina Pyne

Climate change coverage: is it enough?

The vast majority of scientists agree global warming is real. In the media, it’s a debate.

By Christian Pollard

First Nation Paper Prints Only Positive Stories

The aim is to counter “bad press” in other media.

By Tari Wilson

The challenges of embedded war reporting

Journalists struggle with what can and cannot be reported.

By Rebecca Lamarche

Mental health reporting is changing

Coverage of the Raymond Taavel murder broke the mould in reporting on mental health.

By Ben Harrison

Sizing up the Mighty Tweet

Journalists weigh Twitter’s benefits and risks.

By Kate Howell

Sex, Lies and Free Accommodation: the Ethics of Travel Writing

Travel writers are often criticized for unethical behaviour. Is this criticism warranted?

By Laura Hubbard

Journalists-turned-bloggers grow by listening to readers

Often, the audience can turn you on to the next story.

By Courtney Greenberg