The challenges of covering children

Evaluating the risks journalists take when interviewing children.

Ariane Hanlon

Obits: celebrating life after death

Vibrant and vital, the obituary page is a memorable read.

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The Lac-Mégantic scrum: inside the making of a villain

Railroad chairman stumbled in response to crisis.

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Journalism students need grammar training

The most essential skills are lacking.

Erin McCabe

Whither Canadian documentary films?

Funding cuts, industry changes leave doc makers fearful.

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Reporting suicide: risks and benefits

When reporting on suicide, do journalists consider sensitivity?

Megan Marrelli-Dill

The intern debate

Are free internships exploitative or invaluable?

Rachel Bloom

Fighting the ‘unforgiveable sin’ — plagiarism

Everyone hates plagiarism, yet more cases are discovered.

Emily Marshall

Crowdfunding Journalism

Online fundraising injects journalism with new options.

Christine Bennett

Does multitasking mean better journalism?

Scientists, journalists consider if quality at risk

Courtney Zwicker