Journalism students seek to free innocent prisoners

Reviewing case files helps journalists set records straight.

By Emma Davie

How the Coast creates its winning formula

Edge and innovation among factors making alt-weekly a lasting success.

By Mackenzie Scrimshaw

APTN influence growing, but not in Maritimes

APTN looks to provide national coverage, but lacking resources in Maritimes and North.

By Philippa Wolff

Great journalism takes great courage

Brave reporting is not all dodging bullets.

By Ben DuPlessis

Journalists switch from facts to fiction

Some journalists are living out a lifelong dream of writing from the imagination.

By Kyle Barnhill

Drone journalism: worth exploring

A valuable new tool may soon appear in the sky near you.

By Helen Pike

Meet Atlantic Canada’s Mr. Talk Radio, Rick Howe

Forty years after first going on the air, Rick Howe is still talking.

By Jessica Filoso

The enviro beat: online and independent

New online platforms help reporters spread environmental stories.

By Heather Brimicombe