Ethics of Journalism : J3122.03

Fall 2007
(2008 outline coming soon)

Fall 2007
(2008 outline coming soon)

Sept. 6 – Oct. 5, 2007
Thursday 9:35-11:25
Shatford Room, 2nd Floor, A&A.

David Swick

Office hours: Friday 2:30-3:30 p.m.,
Journalism office, 3rd Floor, A&A.

Course Aims

* To become aware of ethical issues in journalism, and to give these issues careful consideration. Awareness and consideration will help us, when working as journalists and facing ethical dilemmas, to make the best decisions.
* To appreciate the history and therefore the context of journalism.
* To realize what journalism can be, as well as what it is.


* Please contact me to discuss anything in this course.
* A class portfolio is being distributed, and other readings will be handed out as well. Important: please keep your portfolio, readings and completed test(s) together, and bring them to every class.
* Students with disabilities who want to receive academic accommodations should register as quickly as possible with Student Accessibility Services. Phone 494-2836, e-mail, or drop in to the Killam Library, G28.
* Poor grammar and typos will be penalized. If you need help, please ask.


Engaged class participation: 10%
Test, Oct. 11: 20%
Test, Nov. 22: 30%
Major paper, assigned Nov. 1 and due Nov. 29: 40%

In the tests and term paper, marks will be awarded based on two main criteria: proof of the thorough understanding and serious consideration of journalism ethics. Writing that is clean and sharp, that reveals clarity of thought, will raise your mark, too.
If the major paper is late, it will be docked a third of a letter grade per day.

If You Want Out

The last day to drop out and not receive a “W” is Oct. 5.
The last day to drop out and receive a “W” is Nov. 5.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP) provides for the protection of every individual’s right to privacy. It also requires that certain records be disclosed upon request unless they are exempted from disclosure.

The Act requires that the university not disclose personal information if that information would constitute an unreasonable invasion of personal privacy. King’s students are advised that information they provide along with other information placed in a student file will be used in conjunction with university practices for internal university use and will not be disclosed to third parties except in compliance with the FOIPOP Act or as otherwise required by law.

Ensuring Abilities

Students with disabilities who wish to receive academic accommodations are encouraged to register as quickly as possible at Student Accessibility Services.
To do so please phone 494-2836, e-mail <mailto:access@Dal.Ca>, drop into the Killam, G28, or visit our website at .
Let’s Be Honest

Plagiarism is unfair and wrong and a cardinal sin of journalism. It will be dealt with severely. Check out the King’s calendar, p. 39-45, and consider the penalties.
Please be smart and self-respecting and do not present anyone else’s work as your own. Neither is it reasonable to present work which is substantially the same as work for which you have already received professional or academic credit.