Daily News timeline

The ups and downs of the Daily News: from winning Canada’s most prestigious journalism award, to a Princess Diana scandal. Kate Churchill-Smith takes us on a timeline of Daily News events.

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December, 2007 — Violent youth crime series

The Daily News ran a five-part series on the burgeoning problem of youth violence in Halifax that looked at everything from community solutions to psychological assessments of troubled youth.

November, 2007 — Celine Dion

“Oh, no. Say it ain’t so. Celine Dion is our big Concert on the Common news? What could be more of a letdown?” Rene Angelil thought otherwise and pulled the concert, blaming columnist David Rodenhiser for generating bad publicity.ashleymacisaacinterior.jpg

February, 2007 — The big kiss

A photo showing fiddler Ashley McIsaac and his new partner, Andrew Stokes, kissing at their wedding ceremony ran on the front page of The Daily News, sparked a flurry of criticism and comment from readers across the country.

January, 2002 — Censorship and Canwest

Columnist Stephen Kimber resigned from the Daily News after an article he wrote was censored by head office. His resignation sparked international interest in the controversial editorial policies of then-owner CanWest Global of Winnipeg.

July, 1999 — NDP leader Robert Chisholm

In the last days of a tightly contested election, the Daily News revealed that NDP leader Robert Chisholm had been convicted of drunk driving more than 20 years ago — and that he had previously told the newspaper he had no convictions. The NDP dropped from 19 to 11 seats in the election and Chisholm resigned later in the year.

1997 — Michener Award winner

The Daily News won a prestigious Michener award for public service journalism for their coverage of a sexual abuse scandal at the Shelburne youth centre.

September, 1990 — Political Corruption / John Buchanan

The Daily News was forefront in investigating corruption in the Buchanan government. An RCMP investigation was launched probing the premier’s dealings. Buchanan took flight and accepted a Senate appointment with Brian Mulroney’s government in September of 1990.

1983 — Princess Diana’s visit to Halifax

The Princess admitted to Daily News reporter and co-founder, Diana Bentley, that she found the whole process of being a princess frightening. The story ran, and the fledgling newspaper found itself in the middle of a massive controversy; apparently Princess Di didn’t know she was being quoted. “The international press came down on us like a ton of bricks,” said Daily News founder, David Bentley. “But it was a very good story for the Daily News.”

1985 — Paper sold to Newfoundland Capital Corporation

Its first sale, the Daily News would change hands many times throughout the next few decades.

1981 — Paper moves to Barrington, and emerges as The Halifax Daily News

1979 — The newspaper converts from a weekly to a daily

The transition meant they were official competitors to the long-ensconced Chronicle Herald.

1974 — Bedford-Sackville Weekly News is launched

Two couples — David and Diana Bentley and Patrick and Joyce Simms — launched the paper.